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I fell into a job writing for TechCrunch at the tender age of 22. TechCrunch was a startup writing about startups. We worked out of the boss’s house.

It was nuts. It was grueling. It was great.

I joined just as Apple’s App Store launched and changed everything. Except it took years to change everything. For a long time it was all fart apps, which made for a fitting soundtrack as we watched the market implode. TechCrunch kept a “Layoff Tracker” chronicling the carnage. I talked to a lot of crushed souls.

And then I got to ride the wave on its way up.

I wrote over 3,000 posts, hosted dozens of early-web shows, and waved my press pass like I was hot shit. I sure felt like it.

Tech was different then. The dreams still had the idyllic promise of being just around the bend, before we could see all the ads.

A few highlights:

Piracy at the VEVO Powerstation

That time I pantsed the music industry.

Facebook Fax

That time I got punked by Zuckerberg & company.

Apple v. Google Voice

That time one thing led to an FCC inquiry.


Two geeks, one weekly-ish talk show.

TC Cribs

Office antics featuring our cloud overlords.

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