Google Voice


Long ago, when the App Store was young, Apple did something crazy: it blocked a sexy new Google app. This was truly balls-out nuts because Apple and Google were BFF — eighteen months earlier, Steve Jobs had invited Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt on stage to help launch the iPhone.

And then Google launched Android, and Jobs worried they were going to turn the iPhone into a Google-powered drone, or something.

I broke the news about Apple’s decision, which later spurred a FCC inquiry. Google, AT&T (the iPhone’s exclusive carrier, at the time), and Apple were all sternly asked for answers.

Google: They did it.
AT&T: We had nothing to do with this.
Apple: Piss off.

18 months later, Google Voice made its debut on the App Store. It was turdy. Probably still is. I ported my number off years ago. I can’t recommend it.

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